Kabako, Frank Exchange Nasty Words Over Money

January 25, 2022


Kabako and Frank of hearts FM almost went to blows over concert money and they have been exchanging nasty words since.

In audio making rounds on social media, Kabako and Frank can be overheard exchanging nasty words as the latter accuses ‘Sabisubila’ singer of refusing to perform leaving him in trouble.

Frank says Kabako was overcalling him in the lockdown begging him to sketch for him private shows. Which he did.

They later entered an agreement to stage concerts where by they would collect tickets, count them, take off expenses and share the profit.


However, there is a show they organised and flopped which forced Kabako to turn against Frank and asked him to pay him 2m if he wanted him to step on stage. Since he was the star of the night, Frank who had no money but had a name to protect, he agreed to pay Kabako 1.5m but sketched 1m.

After getting 1m, Kabako demanded 500k which Frank never had. The singer drove away leaving Frank in big big trouble.

Listen to audios below: