Kabako Attacks Detacha, Brands Him A Wannabe

January 16, 2022
Kabako and Detacha

Kabako and Detacha

Former Team No Sleep (TNS) star, Yusuf Senabulya aka Kabako has attacked Galaxy FM presenter, Gidong Binyalika Richard aka Detacha Sakalaman branding him a liar.

Since he relocated from Jinja to Kampala, Detacha is stamping his authority by speaking Patois claiming he spent 6 months in Jamaica.

This has marketed him across excited content creators and media houses that host him to hear his Jamaican story.


His patois has also sold him on Tik Tok where he has a thousands of followers.

But, to Kabako he insists Detacha is a liar and claims he has never been to the airport. The TNS Machinery says Detacha cooks Jamaican stories.

Oyo Detacha Muyaye, has never been to Jamaica. He is a liar and a wannabe


After Vampino was released from Jamaican jail, Detacha went public and claimed he is the one who helped him out. Vampino later trashed his claims which forced the self proclaimed Jamaican to apologise.