Jose Chameleon’s manager constructs new house for parents (photos)

March 13, 2023

Legendary singer Jose chameleone’s local manager Nkuke Robert Jackson also known as Mutima has constructed a new home for his parents.

Mutima has been in the music industry for so many years but he has rarely posted about his achievements as a person.

But like any other person, Mutima is proud to have built his parents another house and he couldn’t contain the happiness without sharing it with his fans.

Although he has been a private person, he took it to his social media platforms and shared photos of his parents house photos both the old one and the new one.

According to Mutima, it is God’s Grave that his parents now have a much better house than the one they had while growing up.

“With God’s Grace And In My Small Way, I Managed to build My Parents A new House, A much Better One Than That Grew us as kids…”

It should be noted that not so many people look back to help their parents once they get money.

A few are the ones that go back to the villages to make life their so much better like re-constructing their parent’s houses.

Here are the photos;