Jowy Landa contemplates on what sugar daddies have gifted her throughout her career

December 9, 2023

Jowy Landa

Singer Jowy Landa has contemplated on what sugar daddies have gifted her throughout her music career.

She said she meets some of them on social media where they are always in boxing her especially on tiktok.

Jowy Landa joined the music industry in 2019 through Pallaso as her manager. But she later upgraded and joined other managements.

Her career didn’t boom until early this year when NBS television’s DJ Roja decided to step up and manage her career.

According to Jowy Landa, she has actually achieved so much and she is looking forward to achieving more.

She said her life instantly changed when DJ Roja started managing her and people who used to see her as useless now started respecting her.

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Jowy Landa said she was surprised when someone she has never heard of contacted her on her tiktok account saying he has her gifts.

This guy introduced himself as a fan to Jowy Landa and ended up bringing her a new iPhone with some dollars in cash.

She said she had never seen anything like that and ever since then, more men have been approaching her on social media platforms despite her knowing some of them are not for good intentions.

“There’s a man I met last year, he sent me a message on tiktok and said he was my fan and wanted to give me somethings. He was in Dubai when he got back he gave me an iPhone 12 Pro Max and 500 dollars,” Jowy Landa said