Jose Chameleone reveals why Nigerian musicians are scared of him

November 4, 2023
Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone

Legendary singer Joseph Mayanja also known as Jose Chameleone has revealed reasons why Nigerian Musicians are so scared of him.

He said whenever the Nigerian artistes are around, they tell promoters not to put Jose Chameleone on the line up as he a threat to them.

Jose Chameleone has been in the music industry for more than 20 years. His music is known in African countries.

But recently, Nigerian artistes have taken over the music industry and they are always in every country performing.

When they come here in Uganda, they usually tell promoters not to put Jose Chameleone on the list of the musicians supposed to perform.

According to Jose Chameleone, he knows he is a very big musician and so much talented than the Nigerian musicians.

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He said he doesn’t care wether he is put on the line up or not, the truth is Ugandan promoters need to respect Ugandan musicians even more.

“Nigerian musicians fear me, that’s why when they come here, they tell organizers not to put me on the lineups, that’s how big I am,” – Jose Chameleone

It should be noted that Nigeria musicians are paid highly when they come to perform in Uganda yet the Ugandan Artistes are paid the least amount of money in their country.