Jeff Kiwa Confirms He Is Madly In Love With Etania Mutoni

April 8, 2022
Etania Mutoni with Jeff Kiwa

Etania Mutoni with Jeff Kiwa

It’s no secret, Team No Sleep CEO, Jeff Kiwa is madly in love with NTV ‘Mix Party’ co-host Etania Mutoni and we could see the pair walk down the aisle soon.

In September 2020, Etania dumped Jeff and ran away with DJ Slick Stuart. Mr. money bags fought tooth and nail and won her back. In July last year, Etania was again spotted having fun with Slick Stuart which prompted Jeff to paraded a new babe too.

Etania Mutoni with Slick Stuart

As we speak, Jeff Kiwa finally won her back to his bed and since this month began, he has been posting Etania on his Instagram page.

Yesterday, he posted a photo of himself with Etania aka Life of the Party’ and captioned it with a love emoji. Etania also replied with a love emoji a sign that the pair are madly in love.

There was an allegation that Sheebah was not happy with Jeff hooking up Etania. It is said that the Queen Karma felt Jeff’s attention was taken over by the ‘Life of the Party’.

However, we discovered that Sheebah wasn’t interested in Jeff since she is always busy with her female friends.

Etania is jolly but at the same time she seem to like wars.

In February, Ssenga Acid exposed her for badmouthing fellow NTV employee, Lynda Ddane and plotting to get her fired and take over her gig on NTV ‘The Beat’.

Lynda Ddane was hurt but their workmate, Tina Teise managed to reconcile them on International Women’s day.

Etania is hardworking! Apart from NTV gig, she runs liquor store, The Liquor Mart located on Kisasi Bahai Road. She also promotes nights in bars around town.

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