Lynda Ddane, Etania Mutoni End Bickering, Reconcile |PHOTOS

March 9, 2022
Lynda Ddane and Etania Mutoni

Lynda Ddane and Etania Mutoni

NTV workmates, Linda Uwamahoro aka Lynda Ddane and Etania Mutoni have reconciled following weeks of bickering.

The pair ironed out their differences yesterday on the International Women’s Day after the intervention of fellow NTV workmate, Tina Teise.

L-R: Lynda Ddane, Tina Teise and Etania Mutoni

For weeks, the two workers at the Serena-based TV station had been embroiled in an online war which was started by blogger, Senga Acid.

She shared screenshots on her Snapchat with claims that Etania badmouth Lynda Ddane and wanted her fired from her weekly show, NTV The Beat.

When Lynda went on a trip to South Africa, Etania sat in for her and co-hosted NTV the Beat with Daggy Nyce. According to Senga Acid, Etania fancied Lynda’s gig on The beat and wanted to take it for good.

When words landed in Lynda’s ears, she bursted into tears.

While appearing on the Kasuku Live YouTube channel, Lynda wondered why Etania hated her so much. Kuku advised her to look for Etania and iron out their differences because their beef was causing divisions among NTV employees.

Tina Teise stepped in and reconciled the pair.

In photos seen by Routineblast, NTV The Beat presenter Lynda Ddane and the Dance Party queen Etania put their differences behind them.

Check photos below:

Lynda and Etania
Lynda Ddane, Tina Teise and Etania Mutoni

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