Baby Mama Returns To Maulana’s Bed After Mama Fina Intervention | VIDEO

April 7, 2022
L-R: Maulana, Mama Fina and Baby Mama

L-R: Maulana, Mama Fina and Baby Mama

As we speak, Bedminton match is taking place at Maulana Kasozi’s rental after Mama Fina intervened and reunited him with the baby mama.

On Tuesday, baby mama called journalists and declared she was leaving Maulana’s bed citing domestic violence. She revealed that she has been staying with Maulana for 4-years and have three children together.

Maulana (L) and Reign (R)
Maulana (L) and Reign (R)

After returning back to her parent’s home, the dad blasted Maulana branding him plan-less by questioning how the pair managed to produce three children in a space of 4 years.

He narrated that Maulana used to repair electricity at his place and started eating her daughter during S.4 vacation. He confused her and made her drop out of school after completing S.6.

Maulana promised father in-law that he was going to foot baby mama’s tuition at campus in vain.

Today, Mama Fina called Maulana and baby mama at her home in Matuga and reunited them. A shamed Maulana tried defend himself but the wife insisted she was receiving the beatings.

What will happen tonight, your guess is as good as mine.

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