Jajja Iculi, Alien Skin Finally Meet Face To Face | VIDEO

March 8, 2023
Jajja Iculi (L), Alien Skin (R)

Jajja Iculi (L), Alien Skin (R)

Jajja Iculi and upcoming singer, Alien Skin have finally met for the first time following days exchanging nasty words.

Alien Skin and Jajja Iculi war started when the ‘Sitya Danger’ singer threatened to thump NBS TV gossipmonger, Isaac Kawalya aka Kaiyz.

DJ Fikie made claims that he booked Alien Skin to perform in Mukono and the singer went AWOL after picking the payment. Alien reached at the venue but after he was told to wait, he demanded for his balance and left with his gang.

On February 22, Alien Skin thumped Makindye-based Vox bar’s bouncer, Ntale Tonny leaving him with a broken jaw and broken teeth.

Alien Skin

Kaiyz warned Alien Skin that his career is in jeopardy unless he changes his ways. When the police arrested him, Kaiyz jubilated.

Upon his released from the police cell, Alien Skin warned Kaiyz to watch out. This angered Jajja Iculi and accused him of not bathing, and having smelly mouth.

Iculi also questioned if there is a company that is willing to give Alien an endorsement because of his behavior. It should be noted that Alien smokes weed and even chew Khart while performing and in public.

Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Iculi

Alien Skin also warned Jajja Iculi that he will hunt him down and teach him a lesson. He said two slaps are enough to put the motor-mouthed Jajja to order.

Yesterday, Jajja Iculi jetted in from Dubai where he had gone for Purple Party and alerted Alien that he is back in the country.

Netizens who expected war, were disappointed when the pair met today at NBS TV and made peace.

Alien has been in the music industry for over three years. He has songs such as; Pulesa, Mazalawu, Mission Kawumbi, Tondabisa, Iam Me, Tulage, Rip Ex, Sitya Danger, Tonkaka, Yasamila Muli among others.

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