Alien Skin Secures Police Bond, Vows To Thump Nosy Kaiyz

March 6, 2023
Alien Skin (L), Kaiyz (R)

Alien Skin (L), Kaiyz (R)

Alien Skin real name Mulwana Patrick has threatened to thump NBS TV ‘After 5’ presenter, Isaac Kawaalya aka Kaiyz.

On March 4, Alien was arrested from Wankulukuku amid cheers from the crowd and taken to Katwe Police Station after almost two weeks playing hide and seek.

On February 22, Alien Skin thumped Makindye-based Vox bar’s bouncer, Ntale Tonny leaving him with a broken jaw and broken teeth.

Alien Skin

This was after Ntale asked Alien and his entourage to go through proper cheque-up procedure before accessing the bar.

The bouncer filed a case Kibuye police station against the ‘Sitya danger’ hitmaker. Unfortunately, the police asked 50k for fuel to arrest the singer, which he didn’t have at the moment.

In an interview, Alien bragged that he gave the bouncer 50, after hitting him like a punching bag. As we speak Ntale is struggling with a huge hospital bill and claims his family is starving since he is the bread winner.

Last week, the unruly singer found himself in trouble again after he pocked money to perform at a bar in Mukono and disappeared.

DJ Fikie booked Alien Skin to perform in Mukono but ended up leaving without performing after he was told to hold on.

With his antics, Kaiyz prophesied that Alien will not last in the music industry if he doesn’t change his ways. When he was arrested, Kaiyz was among the first people to post his humiliating video.

Following his release, Alien took to his Tweeter and threatened to deal with the nosy gossip king.

“Am now out guys naye Kaiyz watch out”, Alien Skin posted.

Alien has been in the music industry for over three years. He has songs such as; Pulesa, Mazalawu, Mission Kawumbi, Tondabisa, Iam Me, Tulage, Rip Ex, Sitya Danger, Tonkaka, Yasamila Muli among others.

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