Alien Skin threatens to deal with Jajja Ichuli for exposing his smelly mouth

March 8, 2023

Singer Alien Skin has threatened to deal with social media blogger Jajja Ichuli also known as Isma Olaxess for exposing his smelly mouth.

Alien Skin rose to fame late last year 2022 with his hit song ‘Sitya danger’ that was making rounds on TikTok.

People didn’t know him until the media looked for him and gave him a platform hence rising to fame and becoming a Celebrity.

However through his fame, Alien Skin has showed all his weird characters like fighting and also looking shabby while in public.

As a social media blogger, Isma Olaxess called him out and told him to shower, brush his teeth because he smells for people.

Jajja Ichuli told Alien Skin that he should start looking like a celebrity or else people are going to run away from him because of his smell and unwashed clothes.

According to Alien Skin, Jajja Ichuli is not supposed to tell him anything because he knows what he is doing.

He said he is planning to look for Jajja Ichuli and deal with him personally of he keeps talking about him or making bad comments about his career.

“I want to deal with Jajja Ichuli personally because I didn’t appreciate what he said about me. I know myself he should stop saying I am unclean I will do whatever it takes to deal with him,” Alien Skin said