It’s a wrap! Alien Skin to resign from music industry in December

October 2, 2023
Alien Skin performing

Alien Skin performing

Sitya danger hit maker Alien Skin is finally confirmed quitting Uganda’s msic industry in December 2023.

He posted about it on social media saying he thinks he can’t take it any further, he is very ready to leave it for the upcoming musicians.

Alien Skin has been in the industry for just few months. He said he started singing long time ago but he has never been recognized by any media.

When he joined TikTok and pushed his song ‘Sitya danger’ it made rounds hence getting people’s attention especially those in the main stream industry.

For the time Alien Skin became famous, he has been having some good and bad moments. One of the moments that pushed him forward was a fight between him and Pallaso.

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He was supported by fans in a sympathetic way but in a short period of time he turned against them and started attacking them.

Alien Skin started speaking bad about the media and refusing to have interviews with them.

The singer said he knows what he wants in the music industry and one of them is people not telling him what to do and how to do it.

He talked earlier that he may not be able to to keep being musically active for so long as he has other things to do that also bring food on the table.

Alien Skin posted on social media that he has made up his mind and December is the last month he will be doing music.

“I’m quitting music in December 👽,
Happy Sunday You’ll,” Alien Skin posted