Bruno K in ‘Peace talks’ with baby mama Dorah

October 2, 2023

Singer Bruno K real name Bruno Kigundu is allegedly in peace talks with enstranged baby mama Dorah.

These two were in a relationship for a year and throughout that period Dorah ended up getting pregnant with Bruno K’s third child.

It’s like Bruno K wasn’t happy and ready for the pregnancy, he told her to abort but she refused to do so.

That brought a locomotion in their relationship hence Bruno K blocking Dorah. She was very furious and annoyed by the blocking hence coming to the media to expose him.

In the media, Dorah spoke a lot about Bruno K, she even talked about some private issues that no one knew about except the two of them.

The two went ahead to sing about each other in a very aggressive way but Dorah ‘s song was received more than that of Bruno K.

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According to media personality Kasuku, there is some information that was brought to him saying Bruno K and Dorah are having peace talks.

He said the two want to get back together despite the damage that has been caused. Kasuku revealed that lawyers are working through it and any time Bruno K and Dorah maybe be together.

“There is information that has been brought to me about Bruno K and Dorah. The two are having peace talks, any time soon we might see them back together enjoying life like they used to be,” Kasuku said