Reasons why Alien Skin and Champion Gudo’s concert flopped revealed

September 25, 2023

Singer and Fangon forest boss Alien Skin had a flopped concert for one of his artiste and body guard Champion Gudo.

The concert happened at Lugogo KCCA grounds and it was titled The Return of Champion Gudo.

It’s main aim was to collect money and build for his mother a house so that she can leave the ghetto life she has been in for so many years.

Unfortunately, fans didn’t show up to support only a few that are even less than 600 showed up at the concert.

Alien Skin has been one of the most trending musicians ever since Pallaso slapped him. He got sympathy from fans and the concert he organized became a success.

After that concert, Alien Skin totally changed as he disrespected the media and even went ahead to want to fight everyone he doesn’t like.

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People warned him that he shouldn’t attack the media but unfortunately he went ahead to the extent of some media houses deciding to never talk about him.

Over the weekend Champion Gudo has a concert but it wasn’t a success.

According to social media users, the main reason why the concert didn’t become successful is because of his bad behavior

Fans couldn’t keep up with him hence showing him that they are no longer supporting him.

Here is one of the live TikTok videos fans criticizing him.