QC Demands 30m Over B2C Shows | Balunywa – I Made 650k Profit

September 7, 2022


Events manager, QC is demanding 30m from events promoter, Balunywa from the recent concluded B2C shows.

QC says B2C boys sent a representative named Alcalas and asked him to help them with stage and sound for the five shows.

They did not have money but agreed to pay for items he was supposed to source from other providers plus transport and facilitation.


After the shows, QC says he was supposed to be paid 30m from the five shows but Balunywa only managed to pay 17m.

Last week, Balunywa revealed that he made 650k profit from Freedom City show. To him, he insists that QC gave him a budget of 170k which he cleared.

In a phone call, Alcalas defended the B2C boys that they never made an agreement with QC and should not mention them in his claims.