It has ended in tears! Fans turn against Alien Skin

August 7, 2023

Uganda is not for the faint hearted. Fans have turned against Alien Skin and torn him apart in just no minute.

Alien Skin has been the most loved and trending musician around Uganda. Fans picked him up out of sympathy when Pallaso slapped him across the face.

He even announced and did a concert in just eight days. So many people showed up to the extent that they filled up the venue and even didn’t get where to go.

Alien Skin hasn’t been so appreciative, he has been seen despising his fans on social media and even God on Social Media saying Satan is the only one that has helped him to get where he is.

Today he made bad comments about Bobi Wine and fans quickly picked up on him telling him he is is nothing.

There are allegations that he has been sponsored by government and he also has a range Rover that was given to him to by Gen Muhoozi.

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There is no proof in that but fans are all over social media abusing him telling him that he has lost all the support.

This comes just a few days after he cancelled his upcoming Nkwacho festival.