Even if you bring money that can fill this room, I can’t go back to NRM – King Micheal swears

August 7, 2023

Bebe Cool and King Michael

Struggling singer and dejaay King Michael has sworn to never go back to the ruling party National Resistance Movement.

No matter how much money given to him, the singer said he can’t go to suffer again like he suffered years ago.

Most celebrities in Uganda don’t reveal the political party they support. Most of them usually say they are not into politics and they support no one.

But for King Michael and Big Eye, they clearly stated that they are supporting NRM. They didn’t stop at that, they went ahead to campaign for the president H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

King Michael and Big Eye faced a lot of hate from the fans to the extent of being stopped from performing at any stage.

According to King Michael, his career faded away because of politics. He said it was so hard on him and he doesn’t think he can do that again.

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“Even if you bring money that can fill this room, I can’t go back to NRM. I lost my career from their and I actually didn’t gain anything,” – King Micheal

It should be noted that for Big Eye, he fought his way back to the industry. He is still facing some challenges but fans slowly re-accepted him.

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