Isma Olaxess Loses Ambassadorial Deal For Attacking Bobi Wine’s Son, Solomon

March 23, 2022
Isma Olaxess (L), Bobi Wine and Solomon (R)

Isma Olaxess (L), Bobi Wine and Solomon (R)

Uganda Bloggers Association president, Ibrahim Tusubira aka Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Iculi has lost another ambassodorial deal over his foul mouth.

The motor mouthed blogger last week attacked Bobi Wine and his son after the NUP principal rapped SMACK headmaster, Brother Deodati Aliganyira for segregating and targeting his son, Solomon Sekayi Kampala Nyanzi Kyagulanyi.

Isma recorded a Facebook Live broadcast and abused Bobi Wine’s son beyond repair. The blogger said Solomon flopped at P.7 and doesn’t deserve to be schooling from SMACK before branding him dense.

He went further and made claims that because of too much weed, Bobi Wine’s kids got small eyes, stating the he passed his drugs through Barbie.

Isma Olaxess, a renowned NRM sympathiser has been attacking NUP and Bobi Wine for a long time but this time around, netizens felt he crossed the line. Others said he had no moral authority to attack Solomon since he doesn’t have ability to produce children.

Today, one of the businesses he markets, SpaMania has terminated their ambassadorial deal with him until further notice.

Isma Olaxess (L) chilling at SpaMania with a babe

We apologise on behalf of our customers who were hurt directly and indirectly by the actions of our brand ambassador. This is not our character as a company and it’s not our culture to undermine anyone regardless of their age, political affiliation, or religion. Due to public demand, we have suspended our relationship with Isma Olaxess ( Jjaja Icculi) Until further notice

Statement from SpaMania

We can’t tell whether SpaMania decided to terminate deal because of Jajja Iculi’s statements because this month, the blogger hinted that they had not paid for his endorsements.

This is not the first time Isma Olaxess is losing deals over his foul mouth. In November last year, Home Connect Properties terminated Isma Olaxess deal over reckless statements he made following twin bomb blasts that rocked Kampala on Tuesday, November 16th.

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