Isma Olaxess Aims Cheeky Dig At Humbled Fred Lumbuye, Warns Him

October 20, 2021
Fred Lumbuye and Isma Olaxess

Fred Lumbuye and Isma Olaxess

Yesterday, government critic and National Unity Platform (NUP) blogger, Fred Lumbuye Kajubi aka Teacher aka Chemical Ali was released from detention centre in Turkey.

Lumbuye was arrested on August 3, 2021 for lack of proper documents after his working visa and passport expired.

As his fans jubilated, his nemesis and NRM blogger, Ibrahim Tusubira aka Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Iculi did not waste time to aim a cheeky dig at the self proclaimed Chemical Ali.

Isma Olaxess

Jajja Iculi welcomed Lumbuye back from the dungeon and branded him teacher of ‘Luganda’.

The president of Uganda Bloggers Association claims Lumbuye received a lot of money while in detention and questioned whether he will be able to match their blogging speed.

Fred Lumbuye (L) after being released from detention centre

Isma Olaxess cautioned Lumbuye that the time for propaganda passed and warns Chemical Ali that he is the one running internet and should not attempt to start blogging without asking him.

Welcome back teacher w’oluganda, kulikayo mumpuku Jobadde wekukumye ka sente ko mwafuna, naye speed kwetutambulila kati onagisobola? nga ebya propaganda byagwawo, togeza noseleza esimu nga tongambye Nze afuga Internet kati Mu Uganda ne abroad nsubile nti bakugambye da.

Isma Olaxess.

Since Lumbuye was arrested, some netizens started bashing him and asking where were his drones at by the time he was picked like a chicken thief. Many taunted him because he had portrayed himself as untouchable.

Now that he is back from jail, we are waiting to see if he is going back to bashing the government and personalities.