NUP Blogger, Fred Lumbuye AKA Chemical Ali Arrested

Fred Lumbuye

Fred Lumbuye

News from Turkey indicates that political blogger and NRM number one enemy, Fred Lumbuye Kajjubi aka Chemical Ali has been arrested.

According to blogger, Kojja Omugezi, Lumbuye was kidnapped yesterday and taken to unknown destination.

He claims that he was arrested by Ugandan embassy in Turkey following attempts to renew his passport.

Lumbuye Fred

Fred Lumbuye became NRM government’s number one enemy when he subscribed to People Power and started bashing the ruling government.

On top of exposing the NRM regime, Lumbuye has been making reckless statements online via Facebook Live against president Museveni, the first family, Buganda Kingdom, Katikiro Peter Mayiga and other government persinalities.

Kojja Omugezi claims that the government of Uganda is planning to extradite him and charge him in courts of law.

We shall keep you posted.