I had no problem with Jajja Ichuli by the time of his death – Zari the Bosslady

May 9, 2023

Zarina Ttale also known as Zari the Bosslady city socialite and business woman has revealed that she had no problem with Jajja Ichuli by the time of his death.

This came after fans called her out for missing on his burial saying maybe there was a problem between them.

Isma Olaxess used to attack different celebrities and Zari is one of them that he attacked numerous times on his social media platforms.

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According to Zari at the time she met Isma, she had already forgiven him because she realized that he was saying was about getting likes and f followers on social media to survive.

Beautiful Zarina revealed that she didn’t attend Isma Olaxess burial on purpose. She had children to take back to school and on top of that her husband was their for burial.

“I don’t know why people are attacking me on social media for missing Isma Olaxess’ burial. You should all know I had no problem with him by the time of his death. We talked and I told him I had forgiven him before he apologized,” Zari the Bosslady said

She went ahead to tell fellow celebrities to stop taking bloggers seriously as they are looking for survival.

Here is the video: