Azawi narrates how ex boyfriend cheated on her before becoming a celebrity (Video)

October 4, 2023


Talented Swangz Avenue singer Zawedde Priscilla also known as Azawi has narrated a sad story of how her ex boyfriend cheated on her.

It happened before she became a celebrity and she remembers almost ending up depressed and stressed because of love.

Azawi is among the few female celebrities that live a private live. She only comes in the media when she has a new song or when she is doing things connected to business.

Not so many people know about her love life because she doesn’t flaunt it on social media for her fans to see.

The singer is at to release her second album next week. She said it is very special and personal to her as it speaks a lot about her past life.

According to Azawi before she became famous, she was working at her mother’s restaurant and she had a boyfriend by then.

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She trusted and loved the guy to the extent of giving him her mother’s food on credit hoping he will be paying.

Unfortunately the guy didn’t pay the money, the only way he paid her was to bring a lady at her home and call her to bring them food.

Azawi said she was left so much disappointed and desperate as she didn’t know what to do about it.

She said after becoming famous, the guy tried contacting her again but she didn’t respond back.

Here is the video;