Bruno K’s baby mama Dorah hits hard at the singer, reveals all his family problems

November 22, 2023

Singer Bruno K real name Bruno Kigundu’s baby mama Dorah has returned to the media very bitter.

She has revealed all the family problems the singer and people around him are facing at the moment.

Bruno K and Dorah seem to have dated for more than a year but their relationship turned sour when the lady got pregnant without the singer knowing.

By then Dorah said she is the person that was funding the relationship and every expense Bruno K was having including buying him clothes.

When they separated Dorah came to the media to expose the singer even revealing their bedroom secrets that no one knew about.

Bruno K responded to Dorah in a song and she also paid someone to release a song for Bruno K about his life.

Recently some audios were released on social media about Dorah that Bruno K was bad mouthing her with another lady.

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The singer’s sister also came out to defend the brother saying all these ladies talking about him are desperate and they don’t know what they want.

According to Dorah, she is the person that has been funding and looking after Bruno K’s mother although she has never said anything about it.

She said the singer’s sister should keep her mouth shut as she doesn’t know where they started their relationship from and when it got worse.

“I am the person that has been looking after Bruno K and his mother. I don’t care about what his sister is saying after all she wasn’t available when we started dating,” Dorah said