I will sell whatever I have to get my money back from Serena Bata – Abitex fires back

May 18, 2023

Events promoter Abbey Musinguzi aka Abitex has fired back at his former musician Serena Bata.

He has vowed to sell whatever he has so that he can deal with Serena’s theft and get his money back.

Abitex started investing in Serena Bata way back in 2019. Even the whole of Covid19 lockdown period, he was investing but not getting anything in return.

The contract they had signed was already in process and they couldn’t stop it during Covid19.

After the lockdown, Abitex continued to invest expecting to get more profits in return. But that all ended early this year as the contract ended and Serena Bata refused to renew it.

With all the money Abitex had invested in her, he said he will not let it go.

Abitex said Serena Bata shouldn’t perform the songs they did together because she doesn’t own them. If she wants the songs, she needs to buy them with millions of money.

Serena Bata with all that imposed on her, she also decided to get lawyers who told her to keep performming as they deal with Abitex.

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Now Abitex has fired back saying he is going to sell everything he has and deals with Serena Bata. She will not steal any other person.

“I want to remove the idea of theft from Serena Bata! I will sell whatever I own, but she will pay back my money.” Abitex fires back