I will never give up on Sipapa despite ourken relationship – Serena Bata

March 17, 2023

Singer Serena Bata has revealed that she will never give up on ex boyfriend faded tycoon Sipapa despite their broken relationship.

Serena Bata started dating with Sipapa in 2014 when she was looking for someone to manage her music career.

Sipapa tried to invest in her music but later took her off as a wife and the singing slowly faded away as time went on.

Like any other passionate person musically, she wanted to make music left Sipapa and got signed under Abitex in 2020.

Although she had cut ties with Sipapa, hiSerena Bata has again showed up in difficult times to support him while i he is in prison.

She is all over the media calling people who used to move with Sipapa and the people he helped to turn up and support him too.

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Sipapa who was arrested months ago over thiefty and his wife Shammy left children home. Now it is Serena Bata trying to make sure they are okay.

According to ex girlfriend, she will never forget the good things Sipapa did for her although their relationship didn’t end well.

“I will never give up on Sipapa although our relationship didn’t work out. I can’t forget the good things he did for me because people know me because of him. I will do anything I can to make sure he is okay and I want other artistes, people he helped to also help him,” Serena Bata said