I miss you and i think about you son – Big Eye emotionally celebrates son’s birthday with Don Zella

May 18, 2023

Musician Big Eye Starboss real name Mayanja Ibrahim has celebrated his son with Don Zella Britton’s birthday with an emotional message.

He said he loves and misses him. Big Eye told the son that he is always thinking about him.

Britton lives with the mother in the United States of America (USA) and gets to see the biological father Big Eye once in a year.

The two spent time together last month when Britton had come fir holidays with his sisters and mother.

As he is getting older, it is like he bonded more with Big Eye Starboss this time around and that’s the emotional birthday message we saw on social media.

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Previously, Don Zella used to attack and abuse Big Eye. Even the son knew the father of the older sisters as his father.

But after his death, now Big Eye Starboss has the chance to have his son again and be responsible like any other loving father.

“I love you, i miss you and i think about you son. Happy BIRTHDAY Mr Britton Dayyan Juntunen Mayanja❣️🌺🎂,” Big Eye Starboss posted