Alien Skin almost slaps Kayz live on stage (video)

March 25, 2023

Upcoming artiste Alien Skin is continuing to misbave. Watch him almost beat up NBS television presenter Kawalya Isaac also known as Kayz.

Kayz is one of the presenters that is so close to celebrities. Most of the times he hides their secrets while other times he exposes them.

Some artistes don’t like him for that fact and they most of the times try to attack him and warn him saying they will beat him up.

Alien Skin who recently joined the music industry is not a joke. For him he hasn’t waited for any longer.

Yesterday he almost beat up Kayz on stage when he approached him trying to get a microphone off his mouth.

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Alien Skin has been warning people who approach him in a negative way saying he is a ghetto youth and he can fight them anytime.

Here is the video;

This is not the first time Alien Skin has been accused of fighting. Last month he was in the media for beating up a bouncer at some bar.

His case reached police but it looks like he hasn’t learnt his lesson and he is ready to continue fighting.

Alien Skin also had a problem with Jajja Ichuli. He promised to deal with him at any time and we are still waiting for that.

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