A Pass on why he thinks promoters don’t book him for shows

March 25, 2023

Singer and songwriter Alexander Bagonza also known as A Pass has revealed reasons why he thinks promoters don’t book him for shows these days.

A Pass took a break from music three years ago to concertrate on his social media influencing gigs. He kept on saying he will come up better not until last year.

The singer tried to release music in form of an album although it didn’t work out for him like he expected.

The music off the album didn’t trend and some fellow artistes like Nince Henry also came out today criticize the music saying it is not good at all.

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Although he took a break, A Pass thought when he comes back into the game, he will be booked by promoters like they used to do years ago.

Unfortunately, promoters are avoiding him and booking the young artistes with few trending songs that make money.

According to A Pass, he thinks promoters are avoiding him because he looks good, dresses well and they think he is too expensive.

“I don’t know why promoters don’t book me for shows these days. I think it is because I dress well and look good they might think I am too expensive for them. I want to perform and also interact with my fans,” A Pass revealed.

He made this statement during an interview with Bukedde TV.