I don’t remember whatever happened between me and SK Mbuga – Leila Kayondo

July 13, 2023

Faded singer Leila Kayondo has revealed that she lost memory of what happened between her and Kampala tycoon SK Mbuga.

Years ago, SK Mbuga was very close with Leila Kayondo and he is the person that used to fund her music.

There was a rumor about them dating because they were so flirty with each other as they were always moving together in different public places.

But when they got some misunderstandings, SK Mbuga immediately married one of his girlfriend and that left Leila Kayondo very bitter.

Their friendship/relationship ended from their because Leila Kayondo kept on threatening to end SK Mbuga’s relationship with Vivian by exposing their conversations and what they do behind her back.

In a recent interview, Leila Kayondo revealed that she doesn’t like being asked about her past especially SK Mbuga.


She said she lost her memory of what happened between them because she moved on to s new relationship where she is very happy with her new boyfriend.

Leila Kayondo revealed that SK Mbuga is also a married man and people need to respect his family especially the children.

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“Years have passed, I don’t remember whatever happened between me and SK Mbuga. I moved on and I am in a happy relationship at the moment. The past is the past,” – Leila Kayondo