How Fresh Daddy Forcefully Viewed Ndagire’s Eclipse | VIDEO

September 22, 2022
Fresh Daddy and Ndagire

Fresh Daddy and Ndagire

Yesterday, we told you a story of Ndagire, an upcoming artist from Gayaza who is accusing Paul Mutabazi aka Fresh Daddy of tricking her into lodge in disguise of promoting her music career.

After doing a challenge of ‘Munanansi’ song on TikTok, Sobe inboxed her. She asked him if he could help her become a singer.

Sobe told her that he doesn’t have money but can help her push her songs after recording.

Fresh Daddy came in the mix as a manager and promised to fund her music career.

After meeting her for the first time, Fresh Daddy drove her to Busega and parked at a certain Gardens. He paid for a room in disguise that he wanted to rest and asked her to come and join him.

Fresh Daddy

After locking the room, he asked her “Jamu Engoye, toyagala kufuuka star”? she asked why would she do such a thing.

“Fresh Daddy yanzijamu engoye, nanyigila kukitanda, nakola byetali akola, netufuluma”, Ndagire narrated.

On reaching the road heading to Sobe’s place, Fresh Daddy gave her 10k and promised to give her an extra 200k in vain.

He has been pestering her to meet her at the same Gardens in Busega for extra activities.

Watch the video below: