Hot Curvy Kabale Babe Shows Off Engine In Mouthwatering Video

May 13, 2022
Curvy babe (Internet Photo)

Curvy babe (Internet Photo)

Weekend can’t be better than this! A hot curvy babe from Kabale has dropped a mouth watering video showing off engine.

Efforts are underway to identify this well wisher but we believe it might take long than expected to unveil her since she never showed off her face.

In a clip landed on by this website, the curvy babe can be seen shaking what her mum gave her as she showed off her warm engine.

From the looks, she must be a Muhima or Munyarwanda by tribe because they are the ones blessed with such curves.

The hyenas who like it beef, have nothing to complain about and it is the best thing that has happened since the beginning of this month.


Since the invention of camera phones, people find it easier to record themselves. We have been told she is from one of Kabale Universities and since students are always idle, it’s easier to play with phone camera.

Nice weekend.