AMULIDDE! Bad Black, Asha Do It On Camera Again | VIDEO

March 13, 2022
Bad Black and Asha Panda

Bad Black and Asha Panda

Ex-con, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black and her bae, Asha Panda Katende are back to what they do best since there no strict laws to deny them freedom.

When the late Fr. Lokodo Simon was still the Ethics Minister, he tried hard and frustrated unruly chaps and the likes of Stella Nyanzi, Desire Luzinda, Judith Heard and Bad Black tasted his wrath.

Bad Black and Asha Panda

However, the Masolo Queen keeps doing the same over and over again thanks to the power of phone cameras.


This is not the first time Masolo Queen and Panda have dropped such clips and with the interpretation of the law, they are now at liberty to do what they feel like.

It should be noted that the Mosolo Queen revealed that her mum shares the same totem with Asha Panda but found out after they had eaten themselves.

She ignored cultural practices and vowed to give Panda children.