Here is why Felista Di Superstar’s concert got cancelled

February 26, 2024

Rising young rapper Felista Di Superstar has given her fans bad news about the cancellation of her upcoming concert.

She said it is not going to happen like she had previously announced because of some guy who wasn’t real with the money.

Felista Di Superstar has been in the music industry for more than three years. But she hasn’t had a concert in those years she has been famous.

According to the singer there is a man that ate all the money meant for the concert and now they don’t have anything to do with the concert

Felista said she is not happy to disappoint her fans but she hopes she can organise another concert very soon.

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“To all my fans and supporters, am so sad to inform you that my maiden concert FELISTA FEST 2024 which was to take place at Wankulukuku stadium on Easter Monday is canceled 😭😭
This comes after the person in charge of this concert disappeared with all the funds close to 50,000,000/=which was ment to stage my concert!!!!!.
I have a lot of pain on my heart 💔but learnt that Uganda music industry is not a peace of cake to eat 😞😔
My supporter had decided to boost my career by funding this concert only to be ruined by a greedy man😡😡
Tomorrow, I am going to share the photos of this man and his name such that no one else falls into his trap.
Although all this has happened, I won’t give up on my dreams 💪 I will keep fighting because survival is for the fittest.
Dear Allah/God, you gave me favor to be loved by people 🙏🙏 if this opportunity has vanished, am conc sure that you’re planning a better one for me.
Allahumma ameen🙏🙏.,”