Here is the truth behind the sickness that almost killed NUP’s Shamim Malende

July 29, 2023

National Unity Platform (NUP) member and Kampala woman member of Parliament Hon Shamim Malende has revealed what almost killed her.

She said she was poisoned by unknown people and she almost lost her life unknowingly.

Shamim Malende is one of the most vibrant and outspoken Members of Parliament. Her being a lawyer, she has represented so many people in courts of law.

Unfortunately not that everyone liked her or even appreciates her work. Few months ago, she got very sick and was rushed to Nairobi for treatment.

She could neither walk nor eat anything as she was in so much pain and fighting for her life.

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According to Shamim Malende, the problem was about poison because the doctors told her that she has digested some chemicals.

She said the time she was treated in Uganda, the sickness was getting worse and she almost lost herself.

Hon Shamim Malende didn’t reveal the person who actually poisoned her.

“The doctors in Nairobi said I had digested a chemical and I had delayed getting treatment, so all the time I spent in the hospital here in Uganda the chemical was destroying me it’s why I wasn’t able to walk and do other things,”.- Shamim Malende