Prince Omar, Grace Khan Almost Shaft In Salon | VIDEO

July 29, 2023
Prince Omar with Grace Khan

Prince Omar with Grace Khan

Prince Omar and baby mama Grace Namuwulya aka Grace Khan have rekindled relationship and the pair publicly look happy than never before.

In 2021, netizens were treated to free drama after after Prince Omar denied having impregnated Grace Khan. Omar went public and claimed he had never seen Grace Khan and doesn’t know her.

In an interview, Grace Khan insisted Omar is the dad to her child but after ballooning her, he denied pregnancy and ran away from the responsibilities.

Prince Omar with Grace Khan

On December 6th, Grace Khan Grace welcomed a bouncing baby girl, llona Grannah at Rubaga Hospital. Omar secretly took the child for DNA test and accepted the child was his.

Since then he went AWOL and Grace Khan has been crying seeking for help.

This month, Prince Omar returned to Grace Khan’s life and she filmed him having good time with his baby, Grannah. They have been moving places.

Critics argued that having invested a lot failing to get a breakthrough, Omar is now using Grace Khan to gain public sympathy.

Everything he does with Grace Khan, he puts it on social media. If he is looking for talkability, Omar has achieved it.

Omar looks serious with Grace Khan and the pair almost shafted in a salon.

Watch video below: