Rickman Manrick Vows To Quit Music, Gives Reasons why

February 29, 2024
Rickman Manrick

Rickman Manrick

Former footballer and singer Rickman Manrick has vowed to quit the music industry for referring to him as upcoming.

He said he has been working so hard and has been singing for so many years. He doesn’t want people to keep looking down on him yet he is good.

Rickman Manrick has been in the music industry for more than five years. At first he wasn’t serious he was in football.

He later got an injury and decided to focus on music because he has the talent too that differs from playing football.

According to Rickman Manrick,  he hasn’t been sleeping for days because of being called an upcoming artiste. He said he doesn’t know what he has done wrong to deserve the hatred that is put on him.

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“I can’t sleep 🥺 people are saying am an upcoming 😭😭 but what did I do to deserve this hate .Only if they knew how much time I put in my latest album 😭😭😭 am quitting music. Let me try the film industry. For now let me go cry in Canada and New York 😭,” Rickman Manrick said