Hellen Lukoma hits back at duo Kataleya and Kandle, demands for respect

June 27, 2023

Hellen Lukoma

Singer and actress Hellen Lukoma has hit back at the trending duo Kataleya and Kandle as she demands for more respect from them.

Kataleya and Kandle rose to fame last year 2022 and they have been working so hard to get on top of their game.

They have been releasing new sonfs and even doing photoshoots all the time to keep their image and brand sounding in people’s ears.

But with this urge to keep relevant, they have made statements that are now haunting them.

In an interview with one of the local channels, Kataleya and Kandle revealed that singer Hellen Lukoma os faded.

They said she has nothing in the industry in that she can’t even do a concert because people will not come.

On hearing that, Hellen Lukoma quickly responded to them saying they are where she started from. She revealed that they might not achieve what she has achieved in ten years.

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According to Hellen Lukoma, Kataleya and Kandle should be speaking in public after going solo. But if they are still a duo, they have nothing to tell people.

“Who is Kataleya and Kandle, I think they should start respecting people they have found in the music industry. I started from where they are now and they might not achieve anything in ten years. I think they should be quiet, they will only speak when they go solo,” Hellen Lukoma said