Kataleya and Kande secretly get cozy with Fik Fameica (video)

March 21, 2023

Singer Kataleya of the duo Kataleya and Kandle has secretly got cozy with fellow singer Fik Fameica in a public place.

In Uganda, different artistes flirt while together but they always distance themselves from the people saying they are just friends and having fun.

But some artistes end up getting into something else. Like Karole Kasita and Feffe Bussi also started by saying they are just friends and at the moment they are parents.

Kataleya and Fik Fameica have never been seen anywhere together apart from yesterday when they were caught on camera trying to be flirty.

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Nothing is known to be going on between them as artistes but now all eyes are on them to see if they are building a real relationship.

Here is the video;

Last month, Fik Fameica showed off his girlfriend in different videos as the two are busy having a good time.

He even said his target this year is to make sure he gets a child on his own because he is ready for fatherhood.

But away from his girlfriend, he is busy flirting with Kataleya a fellow artiste even in a public place where people can see them.