Stop calling me a band musician – Carol Nantongo to Ugandans

June 26, 2023

Songstress Carol Nantongo has requested Ugandans to stop referring to her as a band musician.

She said that has put down her brand because some promoters don’t book her for certain events thinking she is a band musician.

Carol Nantongo started her music career singing under a band. Those people are categorized as band musicians down here in Uganda.

But that category is known to be very local in that it is very rare to find them sharing stages with these musicians that most of the times perform on a compact disc.

Knowing how the music industry and business works, Carol Nantongo slowly left the band side and started doing the common music.

Ever since then, she doesn’t like to be referred to a band musician because she feels like those people are looked down yet for her talent and she is very versatile.

According to Carol Nantongo, there is a way Ugandans see band Musicians. They are obviously very talented but when it comes to money, they get the least.

She said she is in the business to make money and that’s why she no longer does band music because it doesn’t have a market.

“I am not happy with people that call me a band musician. They use that phrase to degrade someone and me I am so versatile. I once did band music but I left because of money. Now I don’t like being referred to as a band musician and I don’t want Ugandans calling me that,” Carol Nantongo