HEARTLESS! Dorothy Blasts Hebert Shonga For Bonking Sasha On A Day When She Was In Hospital Batting For Her Life

March 17, 2020

Herbert Shonga with Dorothy at their wedding

Newly divorced Dorothy has blasted former husband Herbert Shonga for bonking Sasha Brighton on a day when she was battling for her life on a hospital bed.

Yesterday, a video of an angry Shonga circulated online as he defended lover, Sasha Brighton for missing his birthday.

In defending her, we went ahead and revealed that he started bedding Sasha on August 3rd at Bebe Cool’s show, a day his wife was in hospitalised in Malawi.

Shonga with Sasaha

After watching the video, Dorothy shared screen shots of how the casanova sent pictures and told her he was heading to Bebe Cool’s show.

Whats App screenshots show Dorothy asking his hubby to send him pictures and see whether he was smart for the show.

She also sent him pictures while in hospital not feeling well.


Watch video of Shonga spilling Sasha’s bedroom secrets below:

Unfortunately, his insatiable sex libido made him forget about his sick wife and went ahead to bed Sasha Brighton on that fateful night.

Shonga and Dorothy officially divorced on February 27th. The pair have three kids together but lives with their mum in Malawi.

Herbert Shonga is now planning to visit Sasha Brighton’s parents in Luweero.