GONE! Unsettled Mary Luswata Quits Urban TV Again

March 16, 2020

Mary Luswata has quit Urban TV again!

In 2016, Luswata who was by then presenting ‘Sqoop on Sqoop’, left Urban TV and flew to the UK to stay with the boyfriend.

She however returned to the Ugandan media scene as a presenter at Galaxy FM in 2018 where she co-hosted the ‘Evening Rush’ show with Little Joe and Prim Asiimwe.

In July 2019, Mary Luswata left the local station and returned to Urban TV as a replacement for Judithana who was hosting the ‘Salon Talk’.

She has successfully hosted the show until now when she has decided to quit for good.

As we speak, Mary Luswata called it quits a few days ago and broke the news in a WhatsApp group shared by employees at Vision Group.

She revealed that she is taking a very long break off work and she will not be returning to any local media station.

She thanked her comrades for helping her serve the industry for the years she has done it.

“I would like to let you guys know that am taking a veeeeeeeeery long break from work. It was very nice serving in the industry with you guys. Thanks for everything. God bless always”.

Reliable sources says she is shifting to the UK to stay with a father of her two kids.