He Stole ‘People Power’ Idea From Me – Peter Miles Sides With Eddy Kenzo, Accuses Bobi Wine of Greed, Betraying Artistes

Days after Eddy Kenzo accused Kyadondo East MP and NUP (People Power) supremo, Bobi Wine of sabotaging big artistes and turning himself into a small god, another artiste, Peter Kanyike aka Peter miles has branded ‘Kyarenga’ singer greedy.

Peter Miles who is a buddy to Bobi Wine and owns Miles Marines, Boats business on Lake Victoria says he sold ‘People Power’ idea to Bobi Wine and has sidelined him since according to Xclusive Ug.

The tabloid says Peter Miles made the remark on Facebook while commenting on a post.
In a long comment, Mr. Miles explains how Bobi has diverted from the real cause.


Eddy Kenzo

Read Peter Miles Post:

“I have been quiet for so long watching. Kenzo is so right. I personally talked to Bobi, (the late) Radio and Chameleone about getting into politics to represent our interests as artists and youth caz We were not well represented by people like Sematimba in Parliament. I gave these top stars the example of people like Jay Z and Dwayne Johnson the wrestler who intended to stand for presidency in America. I told Bobi and the rest. Mostly Bobi, because I met him often when I returned from the States.
I told him to take advantage of a thing called “People Power”, which they got. From the fans of all inclinations in politics. I gave him an example of Che and Sankara etc.

I told Bobi, even the Presidency would be in reach that the “Old man” would probably be willing to hand over to responsible artists who showed they can do something to develop the nation since these guys had success that can be used as leverage to convince the old man they can.

He went on to join FDC and I told him not to join things he did not understand. I told him, as Rasta, he should not play the political game , but just go in as an independent with a version of leadership different from lying politicians.

I gave him an example of King David and King Solomon. Bonna baali badongo.

I told Bobi, it was our time as artists to take charge and control, systematically using the fan base as power. People Power. He went in to contest and won to enter Parliament, I went and congratulated him. I told him. That was the beginning. And presidency wasn’t far either. But to my surprise, he cut his locks off gradually and started acting like a politician.

We met in Entebbe when he returned from the US, from his course and was already talking and acting strange. He was not taking anymore advice from Me. He would divert topic if I tried to show him he was changing into a typical politician. He started avoiding Me, not even answering calls or messages. Before that. When part of his place in Busaabala was being captured, I called him caz I’d been at the scene and wanted to warn him that what I told him would happen if he jumped into the game carelessly, was happening. He wasn’t picking up, Until I sent him a WhatsApp video of what was on ground. It is when he called back.

Sent Babi ahead coz he was already dealing with court issues with URA. He later came and I told him to slow the excitement and not be misled by those new people around him. He just stopped listening to Me, started fighting the old man. We have not talked since. He took Myyyy “People Power” idea and turned it into a political tool to run for the top seat fighting the old man. A great idea that was working, he now turned into a political structure and now has taken it into political identity as NUP.

He got excited to see that what Power I showed him was actually working, he tossed Me to the cab. He has even Never mentioned Me anywhere in how he got influenced into politics. He has avoided Me to this day, even when he came to My father’s lumbe, the day My dad passed. He spent less than 30 minutes and was gone. This s**t bothered Me seeing him rally a nation to get him the presidency. It’s all he wants. Everything else as I have come to see is an act. Just like any POLITICIANS. Di man him just an actor. Good at it too.

But since he changes with the political wind. Now throwing the People Power idea to the cab/backseat, as he did Me after sucking out the juice, it will be this tendency that will fail him in politics once the real personality within is revealed and exposed.

It’s already showing caz I know where he started and where he was supposed to go, and he is already derailing. Those are the mistakes from greed.”