He is a weird man – MC Fish reveals Jeff Kiwa dark secrets

April 6, 2023

Singer MC Fish has revealed some dark secrets about one of the top talent manager Team No Sleep (TNS) boss Jeff Kiwa.

Jeff Kiwa has been in the music industry for so many years but he is so rare in the camera. His name sounds louder than the person himself.

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When he wasM managing Sheebah Kalungi, the two were never seen hanging out with each other or even posting photos together.

His photos started making rounds when he signed young singer Rahma Pinky who he took photos with as a way of promoting her brand.

Being a known a person, Jeff Kiwa has never been rumored to be having a wife or even children. It was said that he used to date Sheebah although no evidence.

There was another rumor that he was dating NTV presenter Etania but still no evidence was brought up.

As one of people who have known Jeff Kiwa for a long time, MC Fish revealed that Jeff is a very weird person.

He said he has never seen him with a girlfriend and his ways are also confusing. He can be seen at any place at any time without knowing he was even supposed to be around.

MC Fish made this statement during an interview with Galaxy FM radio.

“All the years I’ve known Jeff Kiwa, I’ve never seen him with a girlfriend. He’s a weird man, he can be in 2 places at the same time,” – MC Fish