Harmonize Features Diamond Platnumz Look-Alike As He Attacks, Exposes Ex-Boss In New Song ‘Ushamba’ | VIDEO

Tanzanian singer Harmonize is trending for his new song ‘Ushamba’ where he talks about how old-fashioned some things are.

The singer talks about how some people eat and drink yet their families are starving, he goes on to speak about how witchdoctors have been promoting their businesses on Instagram.

But the most talked-about lyrics in this song is when he throws shade at his former boss, Diamond Platnumz. He talks about how the singer has been bedding women and spreading the news on social media.

Part of his lyrics goes; “Malegend wamerudisha vita, wanahofia at jeshi anawapita (Legends want a fight with me, they fear am surpassing them)”

Harmonize goes ahead to sing, “Halina meno hilo simba zee, likila demu lazima litangaze, huo tunaita ushamba (That simba – Diamond Platnumz is old and toothess. He sleeps with women and announces to people)”

Harmonize went on to use a Diamond Platnumz- look-alike to describe what he was singing about.

Diamond Platnumz look-alike in Ushamba video

Diamond and Harmonize started beefing late last year when he (Harmonize) left WCB to form his own record label, Konde Gang.

“I didn’t leave with bad blood. There was an issue that we failed to resolve so i told the management that am going to do my own music. The contract said that if i wanted to terminate it, i had to pay Tsh.500m and other miscellaneous expenses”, Harmonize said in the past interview.

Harmonize sold some of his properties to finish paying up the full amount of Tsh 500 million and other miscellaneous expenses.

“I didn’t have the money, so i sold off my assets. There is a place i was building my houses, three of them, i had to sell them. I did that because money is nothing. I have sent part of the money and the remaining one is little”, he added.

Probably, what Harmonize is saying is that Diamond kisses and tells.

Watch ‘Ushamba’ video below: