Gravity Omutujju Shows Off Multi-Million Apartments | PICTURES

Gravity Omutujju

Gravity Omutujju is not bothered by the Covid-19 pandemic and must have saved enough after he embarked on constructing new apartments.

In February this year, rapper, Gereson Wabuyi aka Gravity Omutujju showed off his newly completed house situated on Buziga hill and gave advise to fellow youth to invest rather than blowing up dime.

Gravity Omutujju’s house in Buziga

Few months down the road, the ‘Embuzi zakutude’ hitmaker took to his socials and showed off pictures of his new apartments under construction with a caption “New month, new project new blessings. Gravity Apartments in the making”.

It should be noted that Gravity also sold off his Prado TX and purchased a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 in August last year.

Everybody must be asking themselves where Gravity is getting dimes from as other artistes are crying over poverty during this pandemic period; During election campaigns, Gravity landed a deal for recording a campaign song for the Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and performing at his rallies.

Gravity Omutujju with Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago

He also bagged millions in recording ‘Tetwekalakasa’, a song that preached against riots during election period. Putting all that aside, Gravity was also hired by different politicians to entertain crowds at their rallies.

Check pictures of his apartments under construction:

Gravity Omutujju apartments under construction
Gravity Omutujju apartments under construction
Gravity Omutujju apartments under construction

Before the pandemic, Gravity had established himself as must-book artiste for concerts due to his energetic performance. When GNL Zamba left the country for USA, Gravity seize the chance and established himself on the Hip-Hop scene.

He songs; Ekyakuzaala Kyekirikuta, Vimba, Ebuzi Zakutude, Nfanana Zuena, Broken English among others have earned him a strong fan base.

Gravity started singing professionally in 2009 but broke onto the music scene in 2015 after he re-recorded Paul Kafeero’s ‘Walumbe zaaya’ song.

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