Gravitty Omutujju exposes Spice Diana, says she is Sheebah’s copy cat

August 31, 2023
Sheebah and Spice Diana

Sheebah and Spice Diana

Omutujju Singer Gravitty Omutujju real name Wabuyi Gereson has exposed Source management singer Spa saying she is Sheebah’s copy cat.

This came after Spice Diana said Sheebah is a fake feminist and she can’t involve herself in a battle with her as it is for the weak.

The beef between Spice Diana and Sheebah runs from way back. It started with fans as the artistes were not involved.

As the way to show fans that they are doing fine, Sheebah and Spice Diana tried to re-united but after few weeks they called it quits.

Now Spice Diana has been speaking ill of Sheebah although for Sheebah she hasn’t been responding to her saying she has so many businesses to run.

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Gravitty Omutujju hasn’t also been on the same page as Spice Diana and her manager. That’s why he is supporting Sheebah in the battle and attacking Spice Diana.

He said Sheebah is one of the most real people in the music industry. He said Spice Diana has been trying to copy Sheebah in everything she does.

According to Gravity Omutujju, Spice Diana was dark in color but because she wants to look like Sheebah she bleached her color to be brown.

And at the moment, she has nothing to tell the world as she is fake even in her music that she releases all the time.

“Sheebah is original, unlike Spice Diana who fakes everything, from the music to lifestyle to her color, Spice was black in color but look at her now,” – Gravity Omutujju