MC Kats trashes the return of Champion Gudo on Kawempe Streets

August 31, 2023
Alien Skin with his bodyguard Champion Gudo

Alien Skin with his bodyguard Champion Gudo

Media personality MC Kats has trashed the rumors that Champion Gudo was returned to Kawempe Streets.

He said they have checked for him everywhere and he hasn’t been seen anywhere meaning they are hiding him.

Champion Gudo got to be known while staying with singer Alien Skin. But not much was known about him especially about his education.

He was seen on multiple occasions perfoming at night yet at his young age he should be resting to go back to school the next day.

MC Kats was among the few people that initiated his scholarship at Kampala parents one of the most expensive schools around Kampala.

Unfortunately, Alien Skin didn’t welcome the scholarship saying Champion Gudo is not going to gain anything from it as they are not going to pay him.

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When people kept pressurizing him to take Gudo to school, he ended up saying he doesn’t want him at his place again and he is sending him back to Kawempe Streets.

According to MC Kats, all that was actually a lie. Champion Gudo is not anywhere because they have been looking for him to give him help.

He said Alien Skin is just playing games, he doesn’t want to take Champion Gudo to any school.

“Let’s Stop All these Games
The Boy is No Where to be found in Kawempe for two days nor is He with The Dad
Please Anyone know where Gudo is @VUKampala and @ReachDrMuganga
Are willing to House Him n Educate Him
Stop your Sympathy Chasing Games,” MaC Kats said