Government Aided Bobi Wine To get Armored Vehicle – Pr Bugingo | VIDEO

Bobi Wine standing besides his newly acquired armored car

House of Prayer Ministries International senior pastor, Aloysious Bugingo claims the government of Uganda aided Bobi Wine to get an armored Toyota Land cruiser V8.

While preaching at his church in Kikoni – Makerere, Bugingo told the flock that politicians preach water during day and drink wine at night. He said there is no any individual that can ship in an armored car without the government’s knowledge.

Pr Bugingo

Bugingo questioned those claiming to be in struggle how they are going to engage the security operatives in bare shirts while their leader has bullets proofs and armored car. He asked Ugandans to be wise and don’t be fooled by politicians.

Watch Video below:

Contrally to Bugingo’s allegations, Bobi Wine said his supporters fundraised and purchased him the armoured car to protect him from flying bullets after witnessing Dan Magic’s incident during the presidential campaigns.

Bobi Wine who came second behind president Museveni in the recent concluded presidential elections, instructed his lawyers to withdraw the petition challenging Museveni’s win citing bias amoung the judges.

He says we will take the matter before the public court.