Anna Talia Oze Robbed Clean Again, Warns Jealous Thieves; Whatever Happens, Don’t Blame Me

September 24, 2022
Anna Talia Oze

Anna Talia Oze

NBS TV presenter, Annatalia Ruth Nambooze aka Anna Talia Oze is frustrated after stubborn thieves robbed her for the second time in a space of two months.

The former gossip queen took to her socials and revealed that thieves stormed her home, poised her dogs, cut her security fence wire before robbing her.

Anna Talia Oze

A frustrated Anna Talia disclosed that this was the second time jealous thieves robbed her in a space of two months.

She issued a warning that whatever happens to them, no body should blame her.

In a space of two months, I have been robbed twice. Munjagazaki banange… I know the person doing this is following me here . You poison my dogs and cut my security fence wiring. Im soooo frustrated.

Im warning you… Whatever is going to come your way donot blame me.

Anna Talia Ozze