Geosteady Denies Harvesting Sipapa’s Ex-Lover, Serena Bata

June 10, 2021
Geosteady with Serena Bata

Geosteady with Serena Bata

Geosteady Blackman has come out to dismiss allegations that he is harvesting Sipapa’s former lover and singer Serena Bata.

In May last year, Sipapa dumped his two lovers; Serena Bata, Brown Shugar and replaced them with a bumlicious babe named Shakilah.

After parting ways with Sipapa, Serena Bata started dating fellow singer, Melody. She was also linked with events promoter, Abtex.

Last week, Serena Bata and Geosteady went for cozy photoshoot which raised eyebrows among the netizens.

Geosteady with Serena Bata

Some started speculating that Geosteady got a replacement for Prima Kardashi but ‘Ndi Wamululu’ singer has distanced himself from having an affair with Serena Bata.

He says he is not interested in harvesting Serena. They are just friends and business partners, who are both earning from their craft.

“There is nothing between us and I have no interests in being in a romantic affair with Serena. We talk because all of us do music,” he said in an interview with local television.

As we speak, Geosteady is single after he separated with his baby mama, Kim Kardashi in October last year.

In an interview with Dembe FM ‘Talk n Talk, co-host, Isaac Katende aka Kasuku, Geosteady revealed that he lost love way back before parting ways with Prima but had to stay with ‘Mama Lusaniya’ for the sake of their children.

Prima also hit back and revealed that she will never return to Geosteady’s bed saying that the baby daddy crossed the line.

“To be clear, respect always has to come first in anything. The reason i parted ways with Geosteady was just because of respect related issues. If he couldn’t respect boundaries plus knowing what he was supposed to do and not to do, then I was left with only one option,” Prima said.

Prima moved on and she is now being harvested by Galaxy FM presenter, Henry Danson.

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